Froland Transportation, Inc.
Phone:  518-384-0509  Fax:528-384-0580
A green solutions transportation provider
Point-to-Point Truckload Service
As an irregular route transportation provider, we have the ability  to transport your freight
anywhere in the Continental U.S. and Canada.   From small town to major metropolitan
area and everywhere in between, we service it all.

Excellent Equipment Availability
Our constantly growing pool of available equipment includes:
- enclosed van trailers (48' and 53')
- temperature controlled trailers (48' and 53')
- flatbeds / stepdecks
- Intermodal (truck/train)

Same Day Pick-Ups
In a perfect world, production would always run on schedule and your customers would
always give you plenty of advanced notice for orders.  Unfortunately, this is seldom the case.
 At Froland Transportation, Inc. we have the flexibility, as well as the equipment availability,
to handle your same day requests for pick-ups.

Just-in-Time Deliveries
For most companies warehouse and storage space are an unaffordable luxury.  For this
reason our customers depend on us for for their Just-In-Time deliveries. Our experience and
attention to detail afford us the capability to provide this high level of service and
coordination as part of our standard service.

Expedited Delivery Service is our Standard
At Froland Transportation, Inc. all shipments are considered time sensitive and
automatically receive expedited delivery service.  We provide next day deliveries, to
locations within 700 miles of origin, as part of our standard service.

U.S. Government Approved
As a U.S. Government approved transportation provider, we are able to move shipments for
both government agencies and contractors alike.  Froland Transportation, Inc. has years of
experience providing excellent service to the government including shipments to military
installations, federal prisons, and records storage facilities.  We continue to maintain a very
strong relationship with our expanding list of government customers.

For additional information about our company and the services we provide please click on
the link below to view our Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.