Froland Transportation, Inc.
A green solutions transportation provider
Utilizing reverse logistics to help reduce the trucking
industy's carbon footprint.

As a third party logistics provider we pride ourselves in doing our part  
to promote a healthier environment.  As consumers, virtually
everything we purchase has to be transported by truck for all or part
of it's journey to the marketplace.  Upon delivery, trucking companies
are faced with two options.   Return the truck to their home base of
operations empty, or contact a 3rd party logistics provider such as
Froland Transportation, Inc.  The 3pl is familiar with shippers in that
particular area and serves to locate a return shipment.  If not for 3rd
party logistics providers many trucks would be travelling our
highways empty and burning fossil fuels unnecessarily.

Vehicle Utilizatation / Optimization

Another way we foster a greener environment is by promoting trailer
optimization.  We do this by talking with our customers and
determining the best mode of transportation for each particular
shipment.   Partial truckload and Intermodal service are both viable
options for some of our customers non-time sensitive shipments and
both contribute toward decreasing the number of trucks on the road.
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