The company was founded in 1991 by Fred R. Ogle.  After a career spent
sharpening his skills as a Transportation Manager for a multinational
chemical corporation, Mr. Ogle's entrepreneurial spirit called.  Building on
his experience in the transportation industry he opened Froland
Transportation, Inc.

Now over twenty years later, and as a result of our strict adherence to our
principles, Froland Transportation, Inc. has emerged as one of the premier
freight transportation companies in the Northeast.

Our Principles

1) Our focus is on paying strict attention to detail.  To that end we've
developed a comprehensive system of safeguards that ensures all details are
covered and nothing is overlooked.

In all of our transactions we view ourselves as an extension of your Sales
and Customer Service teams
.  We take pride in our consistently high level of
service and believe that it will reflect positively on your company and
ultimately increase the likelihood of future orders.

3) We will always work on our customers behalf to obtain the best possible
Froland Transportation, Inc.
Phone:  518-384-0509  Fax: 518-384-0580
A green solutions transportation provider